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Getting rid of head lice, is messy, time consuming and expensive....The moment you get rid of them they are back again!

Why? Lack of knowledge, inconsistency and sheer frustration!

Getting rid of lice, need not be a drama. Learn how easy it is to acquire the skills, techniques and knowledge to give you and your child peace of mind.

So, let's begin with what you need to know....this site has been created with all these things in mind.

Erasing the stigma associated with head louse infestations

  • The social stigma associated with lice infestations, have nothing to do with personal hygiene or appearance, but it does have a devastating effect by dividing friends, families, and creating animosity within school environments.
  • Promoting and creating head lice awareness is what Head-Lice-Solutions is all about.

Provide treatment options to get rid of lice safely and effectively

  • Treatment options, depending on what your needs are can be expensive if you opt for a service provider, or cost effective if you do it yourself. (D.I.Y)

Advice for parents to promote and effect change in your own environment

  • Mindset change, when it comes to prevention at home. Once you have gotten rid of an infestation, always check and prevent them from coming back. Incorporate this into your child's daily morning routine. Maximum time 5mins, minimum time 2-3mins.

Knowledge is power

  • Show and encourage children how to stay lice free
  • Schools, to assist parents in reducing lice transmission
  • Know, why it's important to treat lice infestation's.
  • Know, what you are dealing with to make informed decisions.
  • Facts & myths about head lice.
  • Know, which treatment options to use.
  • Step-by-step instructions to get rid of this pest for-ever.
  • Products, chemical vs organic or natural.
  • Services and treatments.

This site is your one-stop-head-lice-guide. All you need to know about them, and how to get rid of them safely and effectively.

Have all your questions answered, and more....

Hair Lice

Hair Lice, a social stigma associated with head lice infestations

Head Lice Information

Head Lice Information, “Pediculus Humanus Capitis” is the latin name for head lice or head louse, you choose what you want to call it.

Head Lice Facts

Head Lice Facts. Untreated skin infections create the perfect haven for head lice to conceal themselves and breed.

Head Lice Myths

Common Head Lice Myths "School’s and Day Care Centres give children head lice”...Fact is, children take head lice into these facilities....

Head Lice

Head lice biology and reproduction, know what you are dealing with.

Life Cycle Of Head Lice

All living things have a life cycle, head lice are no different.

Head Lice Treatments

5 Reasons Why Head lice treatments Fail.


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