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Kia Ora,

As parent's we deal with just about every imaginable event that occurs during the course of our daily lives. One of those events is having to deal with head lice that our children get a long the way while at school or at play. A very frustrating and for many, a very embarrassing time due to the negative stigma associated with having lice.

We also have our own stories to tell about how this little pest has disrupted our lives and some amazing remedies and solutions that have got rid of head lice too.

My interest, in head lice and the formation of Head Lice Solutions happened as a result of a "moment of madness" out of sheer frustration and desperation.

My story about "A Moment of Madness" that could have harmed my child for life...

One evening after a long day at work I arrived home to find that my youngest daughter had head lice AGAIN! After dinner that evening we went through the motions of setting up and then dealing to her new mates. I could not believe how many more she had this time around. It was unbelievable. We were both tired, but we persevered and finished shortly before midnight.

In the interim, I had discussed this topic with a number of people that would listen to my dilemma, with the information I had gathered I was armed and ready to go. When the weekend arrived I had a plan to get rid of all her lice once and for all, guaranteed to work I was told! I was given a remedy and advised, to follow the instructions and my lice problem will be over...

The Recipe

About 1 cup of cornflour, 1/4 cup olive oil, 2 tablespoons of turpentine diluted with a cup and a half of water. Mix together to resemble a paste like substance. I was concerned about the use of turpentine, and was assured that it was only a small amount as it would be diluted with water and mixed with olive oil and not to worry as it's purpose was to dehydrate the lice.

The Method

Apply the paste to the hair.

I prepared my daughter who was 8 years old at the time, I applied the paste to her hair and scalp. After about 2 minutes I noticed her hair began to feel quite dry. The paste seemed to have lost it's moisture. My daughter was telling me that her head was stinging. A moment later she said my head feels like it's burning...

I quickly put her head under cold running water and tried to wash the solution out, her hair was not absorbing the water. I smothered shampoo on her hair, but it could not absorb the shampoo. I applied hair conditioner and still her hair could not absorb it. By this time she was crying and holding her head. I noticed redness appearing around the nape of her neck and on her scalp.

I smothered a natural moisturiser onto her hair and scalp. A moisturiser for sensitive skin which we had been using at the time. Made from a blend of natural ingredients which contained essential oils and smelt like peppermint.

I massaged this into her hair and scalp. After a minute or two her hair was able to absorb the moisturiser like a sponge. I smothered more onto her hair and massaged it into her scalp. Her crying subsided and the burning sensation began to ease.

The Consequences

I took her to the emergency clinic, explained what happened to the attending doctor he checked her thoroughly for signs of nausea, checked her balance her eyesight, he was very thorough. At the end of our visit he prescribed medication for superficial burns caused by the concoction, antibiotics for infection paracetamol for pain and headaches a lecture about exposing my child to flammable liquids.

I cried so hard and long after that because I could not believe how stupid I was for putting my daughter at risk like that. It took three weeks for her to recover from that moment of madness that consumed me. She had a scar on the nape of her neck for at least a year afterwards and it took a few months for her hair to grow back where she lost it.

I Put My Child Through Hell and They Still Came Back

As her scalp healed from the burns she still managed to get reinfected with lice again! I also noticed that her sores were not healing as quickly as they should. I took her back to the doctor where he prescribed more antibiotics and advised me to start taking the tops off the scabs so that the air could help them to heal.

The Perfect Haven For Lice To Live and Breed

What I found just absolutely sickened me. I had noticed that head lice were breeding under the scabs on her scalp. There was not much I could do except to pick them out and then rinse her hair and scalp with warm water and a medicated solution.


At this time I was determined to find out everything there was to know about this little pest and find the best solution for me to treat my child safely, effectively and with the least amount of anxiety to her.

Blending In Naturally

During this time I developed a blend of natural ingredients containing essential oils to get rid of the head lice and to soothe and heal the affected area of her scalp. Unable to use a nit comb or a hair brush, I used my fingers to comb through her hair each day and massage her scalp until the tenderness in her scalp eased to allow a hair brush to be used.

Her head lice and their eggs were gone within 7 days! The solution also helped her burns to heal and minimised any scarring. It also soothed her scalp, and she was able to sleep soundly for a change. Her hair felt softer,and looked shinier than ever before.

The Magic Touch

By running my fingers through her hair, I was also able to feel by touch if there were head lice. The solution was mild enough for her hair and scalp and helped to heal her condition. Any eggs that hatched died within a few hours because they were unable to feed.

Teaching My Children How To Keep Themselves Lice-Free

I explained to my children the importance of keeping themselves lice-free. Not to share their hair accessories, brushes, towels, hats etc with friends or others. How to keep there distance from other children discreetly without being too obvious and hurting others feelings.

My Epiphany

What I realised was so basic, the most basic steps of keeping lice-free I missed, out of sheer frustration. What a break through that was for me and my children. I was absolutely ecstatic. I sat my daughter's down and explained my theory to them. I think they were just as happy for me that I had finally sorted this head lice thing out and we could get back to being a normal family again.

The Seed That Was Sown

During the last treatment session with my daughter she suggested that since I was so good at getting rid of her head lice, I should do the same for others. Use the products I had made for her along with the knowledge I had gained from all my research to help others to become lice-free.

That was seven years ago, the only regret I have is that my daughter had to endure pain and suffering to find a solution to end her head lice nightmare. With this knowledge I can only hope that another family won't go through what we have been through.

The Stigma

Head Lice Solutions was created because of a need to resolve the negative stigma associated with having head lice, which unfortunately is borne out of sheer ignorance. We are hopeful that with a better understanding people could effectively over-come this negativity, become more informed about head lice, how to get rid of them safely and effectively and to help end this negative stigma associated with having head lice.

Our Mission

To provide head lice solutions to families and individuals to end the negative stigma associated with having head lice.

Everything you need to know about head lice and how to get rid of them safely and effectively. Head Lice Solutions is your one stop head lice guide to get rid of all your head lice.

Success is yours, if you truly believe it to be....