Hair lice infestations are still socially unacceptable

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For centuries hair lice have been involved in the day to day lives of most families worldwide.

The social stigma associated with having an active infestation has little to do with personal hygiene or appearance, but it does have a devastating affect by dividing friends and families, and creating animosity within school environments.

This stigma creates a barrier for those who are embarrassed about having an infestation that it stops them from seeking the right treatment and advice for their children, therefore adding to the already growing problem of hair lice that we currently have.

The stigma associated with this pest is so overwhelming that it causes concern, fear and embarrassment in most families. If you think children are not affected, you are sadly mistaken because this definitely affects our children especially at school where the bullies come out to play.

Despite the stigma and the fact that these little pests are as common as a cold, they can be difficult to control, so there is no need to be ashamed if you know your child has them.


Children are the main targets for for this little critter and will share them between them like you wouldn't believe.

If you find your child has an infestation speak to the parents of children that your child has been in contact with and let them know that your child has head lice so they too can check their own children. It is not a name and blame scenario it's about making others aware so they can do something about it.

If talking about head lice were as simple as talking about a baby that is having teething problems or measles, the stigma could quite easily be quashed. But, alas this is not the case.

Become Informed

Mis-information about this little pest also leads to stigma. Some stories make it seem like they are in plague proportions - and are difficult to eradicate. Which is why so many people cringe at the mere mention of these pests. Education can be your best weapon, become informed and know what you are dealing with.

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