Head Lice Myths

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There are so many head lice myths circulating around, too many to count, so why don’t we explode a few to get you back on track, starting with some “Common Head Lice Myths”

My child got head lice from school or day care

  • School’s and day care centres are not human so cannot provide a blood meal or warmth to head lice…
  • “School’s and day care centres do not give children head lice”. Children take head lice into these facilities.
  • These establishments just happen to have the carriers of these pests attending their learning centres.
  • Unfortunately, children are the carriers and they will share these unwanted pests unknowingly.

My child got head lice while swimming at the local pool

  • “Head lice do not swim”, because they do not have fins,tails or gills.
  • Head lice do not hold their breath under water.
  • Swimming Pools, do not give people head lice. People take head lice into the pool complex.

A friend suggested I use FLY SPRAY, because head lice fly from one head to another

  • “Head lice do not fly”, because they do not have wings.
  • Seriously, If head lice did fly we would all be in trouble…. We would have to invent “head lice swatters” and those sticky paper things, instead of head lice combs.
  • Head to head contact with someone that has head lice is one sure way of hosting this little pest. Using hair brushes, hats, scarves or any item that is used by someone infested with lice is yet another way that this pest will find you.
  • Fly Spray? Not a good thing to put in your kid’s head.

Head lice keep jumping into my kid’s head

Head lice do not jump”, their legs are designed to crawl and climb, through hair or from one head to another.

  • With a single claw and an opposing thumb on each of their six legs they are unable to bend their legs.

Do flea collars really work?

  • “Flea Collars” For starters, not a good look, unless you want to make a fashion statement, or get locked up or admitted to an asylum for bad parents. On a serious note, leave the flea collars for your domestic pet.
  • For the entrepreneur, why not design a hair band or hair accessory that would repel or eliminate this little pest...???? its worth a try, give it a go! My challenge to you..
  • This would have to be my favorite of all the head lice myths. Why? Because,what started out as a frustration for someone, has turned into a solution and a business idea for another. Could this be you?

Seriously, this is, what happens to people who out of sheer frustration will try anything to get rid of this little pest.

The reason why I have added this here is because I do know of someone who has done this exact thing. Believing that if it works for his dog then the same principle would work for his child.

"What he overlooked was the fact that his child

  • is not a dog
  • and does not have 4 legs
  • does not have hair all over her body
  • etc...

Hey... If you have used this method and it works for you... Tell us how and why...You just never know what ingenuity is lurking about.

Head lice are becoming resistant to chemicals in products

  • Head lice are not resistant to chemicals in products.
  • If you are expecting to KILL head lice simply by applying a product and expecting them to fall out of the head dead, then you are sadly mistaken.
  • Removing head lice and their eggs, requires effort from the parent/guardian! This is a FACT and not a MYTH!
  • Read labels and instructions carefully before applying a product then follow all the steps not some of the steps, all of them. If it says “leave on for 20mins and then rinse off before combing” do exactly as it says. Not, 10mins or 5 minutes….but 20mins.

Super lice/Super nits

  • Super Lice and Super Nits, this is the best of all head lice myths that I have ever come across. What makes them Super? A cape, kryptonite maybe?
  • This appears to be an off shoot from the “head lice are becoming resistant” to chemicals scenario.
  • Definitely a MYTH!

European nits, German nits, Polish nits, Asian nits, Aborigine nits, African American nits, Kiwi nits, Indian nits without offending any one what do ethnic nits look like? Use your imagination...Yes, very funny isn't it?

  • Very interesting, I would rank this one up there with Super Lice and Super Nits.
  • Head lice look the same no matter where you are from.

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