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Depending on which part of the world you are from, there are several head lice treatments to choose from. So, ultimately choosing the best treatment option, for your family is your decision to make. In order to make an informed decision about which option is right for your family please take note of the following;

Five Reasons Why Treatments Fail

  1. Not following instructions carefully.
  2. A poorly executed application process and the need to rush and take shortcuts. e.g(Lessen the time a solution should remain on the scalp.)
  3. The decision not to repeat the process when advised to.
  4. The decision not to maintain and prevent after each treatment.
  5. The decision not to continue with a Maintenance and Prevention program when all signs of head lice are gone.

Treatment Options

  • Do It Yourself. Cost and time, to eliminate head lice and eggs if you conduct the treatment yourself. REMEMBER one treatment does not get rid of head lice completely.
  • Over The Counter Options. Products avalable at Pharmacies and Grocery Stores
  • Natural Vs Chemical. Which is the better option?
  • Service Providers.....?

Do It Yourself Option (D.I.Y)

  • The Wet Combing Process is very effective and one that I would highly recommend should you choose this option.
  • Following this method absolutely, with no short cuts will ensure a very good outcome.
  • Getting rid of them, and staying rid of them, is not a drama at all. when you use this method
  • You have complete control using this method.

Over The Counter Treatment Products

  • There are several different types of head lice treatments to choose from. Natural, Organic, or Chemical solutions. Costs can vary from $10 upwards, depending on which one you choose.
  • Decide which product will be suitable for your child then follow the instructions. Don't forget a nit comb when you select your product.

Natural Vs Chemical

  • Natural/organic products that contain essential oils do have a level of chemical toxicity in the ingredients which is quite safe. These products have diluted amounts of essential oils which still make the product safe to use while retaining its effectiveness to repel head lice and their eggs.
  • Products that contain chemicals e.g malathion, lindane etc, have a concerning effect on children. Caution must be taken when deciding which product you will use to eliminate head lice from your child/ren.

Service Providers

  • Service Providers can be very costly so do make sure you check them out thoroughly before engaging their services.
  • Check for guarantees, and be sure you fully understand what the guarantee entails.
  • Their knowledge about this little pest and what their product can do for your situation.

Service Providers can be a great help to you when it comes to getting rid of head lice, their eggs and their nits.

  • Create awareness about head lice.
  • Help to erase the stigma associated with head lice infestations.
  • Are experts with real up to date knowledge about this little pest.
  • Provide the best head lice solution for your family.
  • Get rid of head lice infestations.

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